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The  mini version of the PIxie Cicada Wings. Perfect for parent/child photographs or for events where you want to wear a more practical size wing that will not get in the way.


Transparent and iridescent mini cicada wings. A very unique design of cicada fairy wings. An actual real image of a cicadas wings on vinyl and a layer of iridescent film for extra magic.


The wings  measure  14" to the farthest point, 3 wings on each side.  The mini wings are best with no holes but can be made with holes if desired. Please send request for holes if wanted.

Each wing can be positioned where you like (they are not stiff in one place) They gently flap with movement which makes them appear as though they are part of you.

These wings are very lightweight and can be worn with no straps, just slipped into your top or bra.
 Clear elastic straps are no longer included.

By purchasing this item you have agreed upon all terms and policies on the FAQ and policy and shipping info page.

Feel free to message me any questions

MINI Pixie Cicada Wings

  • hese wings are not in stock or ready made. All wings are made to order. Turn around time is typically 4-6 weeks or longer. Please contact me before purchasing if needed for a certain date.

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