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Galaxy wings for fairies from another dimension.
These stunning and unique wings have a detailed galaxy design, with star burst and spirals.  In shades of purple, blue and  pink, with hints of orange and yellow.
They are made with iridescent film and a layer of vinyl for extra durability. 

There are 3 wings on each side that are completely posable. The upper, longest wing reaches out to 24 inches. 

Lightweight and easy to wear. There is a U shaped base that can be slipped into your top/dress, straps can be added for extra security if needed. Please note straps are not included, but instructions will be sent for your own use if needed.

**Please read FAQ and Policy page for current turn-around time

By purchasing this item you have agreed upon all terms and policies on the FAQ and policy and shipping info page.

Thanks so much

Galaxy Wings

  • These wings are not in stock or ready made. All wings are made to order. Turn around time is typically 4-6 weeks or longer. Please contact me before purchasing if needed for a certain date.

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